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A New Webway Portal Awakens

By nirurin | November 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

Greetings to anyone who finds their way here, mostly I suspect via the DakkaDakka Eldar Tactica thread! Welcome to a new place on the interwebs for all things 40k.

For now, I'll be dedicating my time (and this site) to Eldar, mostly focusing on Craftworlds and the new Codex release for 8th Edition. However, as time goes on, I may start to add in more information and knowledge, probably starting with Ynnari and working through from there.

Eventually, I may even start to bring other races into the fold. We shall see.

For now, I just wanted to say a universal hello, and to ask you to be patient while I get everything updated and running.

If anyone has any suggestions for the site, either visual tips or suggestions for edits/additions to the tactica sections, please get in touch. The easiest way for now may be a PM on DakkaDakka (send to Niiru). Or you can contact me via this site... once I have some kind of contact form set up!

Watch this space, and be wary travelers. The universe is full of peril.

Updates from Index to Codex

By nirurin | October 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

All changes are for the basic loadout listed against the datasheet vs the same cost from the index.

Updates from Index to Codex

• Eldrad: -30 points.
• Yriel: -4 points.
• Avatar: no change.
• Asurman : no change.
• Baharroth: -10 points. Sword now +1 str and -3 ap.
• Fuegan: -10 points. Melta bomb range now 4”.
• Jain Zar: -6 points. Sword +2 str. Cry of Unending War and Banshee Mask swapped round. Acrobatic can now advance and charge with the +3” to both.
• Karandras: -18 points.
• Maugan Ra: -19 points.
• Illic: -8 points. Sniper now fixed 3 dmg and still does mortal wounds on a 6.
• Autarch: +6 points. Fixed Weapon Loadout. Now has a Star Glaive and grenades only.
• Autarch Wings: no change. Fixed loadout. Fusion Pistol, power sword, mandiblasters.
• Autarch on Bike: -4 points. Can change power sword for laser lance or fusion gun. No other options.
• Farseer: -15 points (when using Singing Spear). -13 for witchblade.
• Farseer Bike: -38 points (when using Singing Spear). -13 for witchblade.
• Warlock Con: -14 points.
• Bike Con: -44 points.
• Warlock: -2 points.
• Warlock Bike: -17 points.
• Spiritseer: -21 points.

• Guardians: No change.
• Storm G: No change.
• Rangers : -40 points.
• Dire Avengers: -25 points. (Exarch Weapons no changes).

• Banshees: -15 points. Executioner -9 points, +1 str and no penalty to hit. Mirrorswords -1point. No more Triskele option.
• Scorpions: -25 points. Claw -8 points, no penalty to hit. Biting Blade -4 points. No Chainsabre option.
• Fire Dragons: No change. Fire Pike – 2 points.
• Wraithguard: No change. T6, now 1d6 roll per shot instead of 1d6 for all.
• Wraithblade: No change. Axe shield combo -35 points.

Fast Attack.
• Windriders: -21 points.
• Hawks: -20 points. Lasblaster now assault 4. No Sunrifle option.
• Spiders: -20 points. Unit can now Deepstrike, but have to roll 2d6 and on double 1, 1 model dies. No Spinneret rifle option.
• Spears: -36 points. Star lance -2 points. Paragon blade -4 points.
• Vyper: -21 points. Now has the Biker keyword.

• Reapers: -27 points. Tempest launcher -11 points.
• Support Battery: -47 points. Now 5 wounds. Vibro +10 points, d3 shots, flat 2 damage. If a unit is damaged by it, they can’t advance unless they can fly. Dcannon -5 points. Str 12, does not need LoS. Shadow Weaver +4 points.
• Falcon: -56 points.
• Fire Prism: -8 points. Now has the "grinding advance" style rule.
• Spinner: -25 points.
• Walkers: -17 points. Can now outflank.
• Wraithlord: No change. Now T8 and 4 attacks.

• Serpent: -12 points.

• Hunter: -23 points.
• Exarch: -48 points.
• Hemlock: -11 points. Weapon str 12. Mindshock pod now -2Ld. Can only cast the 2nd power in each Runes of Battle entry.

• Wraithknight: No Change. Sword + shield combo -35 points. Wraithcannons now str 16. Suncannon flat 2 dmg.

• Scatter Laser: -5 points.
• Shuriken Cannon: -2 points.
• Starcannon: -15 points.
• Twin Scatter: -13 points.
• Twin Cannon: -7 points.
• Twin Star: -32 points.
• Laser Lance: -1 point.
• Chainsword: -1 point.

Vehicle Equipment.
• No changes to any pieces of equipment.

Random Sunburst grenades are now gone, and plasma grenades are back! (same profile). Autarchs can no longer take Banshee masks or Mandiblasters like before. Only the Autarch with wings has Mandiblasters as a fixed option.

Many thanks to KDash for this overview!

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